Need to get out of the city for a day, or do something different to feel inspired?

Would you like your kids try something new and be excited about life?

For Chris and I, it is our love of learning that draws us to people that can show us new things. Chris and I will always be offering classes on things near and dear to our hearts: wood working, fly tying, science, art, nature, and faith. We draw on others to offer things like: painting, crafting, building a lobster trap, metal detecting for artifacts, making fairy houses and little animals, getting healthier through nutrition, wool felting, beekeeping and so much more. We are always looking for people to share their talents and passions. Please view and sign up for workshops and classes on our calendar, but always keep in mind we could be adding something new at any moment.

Check the Calendar for upcoming classes and workshops keeping in mind that new things are always being added. Examples of things to come are that are not yet on the calendar are: Intro to metal detecting and finding local history, building your own lobster trap, local interest book talks, fly tying and fairy house building.

Make sure to sign up for our email list if you would like to be notified as things get scheduled.

Host a Birthday Party Here.

We can design a fun and engaging event with crafts and activities on site to celebrate that special day. Prices vary depending on craft, activities and number of persons attending.

email here to ask a question.

Summer Happenings at Rivers & Roads in Essex, MA

Thursday mornings from June 28- Aug 9th

Free Story/Art and Nature Time for Ages 2 – 6 (from 10 – 11am)

Email and we will add you to these fun mornings (space is limited.)


Custom Kids’ Building and Designing Workshops

After a successful launch of our kids’ creating workshops we are proud to announce the next step: Working with you, your kids and your kids’ friends we can design a building and creating day (or days) to set their imaginations free. We will most likely be using hammers, glue, twine, hot glue, sewing needles and most importantly our imaginations in these hands-on, creating workshops. Class size will have a limit so individual help can be provided. Date(s) to be determined to fit your schedule and ours. A minimum of three students is required to save dates. As a base point the total hours will be six at a price of $200 per student. Email us here to discuss your session.


The Acorn Forest School presents Outdoor Engineering at Rivers & Roads

5 Saturday sessions: July 14th – August 11th

Ages 3 – 5; 10am – 11am. Ages 6 – 8; 11am – 12pm. $100

Pulley systems, boats, skyscrapers and more! We will design all sorts of structures and tools to use out in the woods. Bring your thinking caps, creative minds, and a collaborative spirit as we work together to problem solve.

The goal of The Acorn Forest School is to aid young children of all abilities in finding a love and appreciation for the natural world around them. Through hands on exploratory play we focus on providing a well-rounded outdoor learning experience.

Sign up at


Wednesday Evenings 6-7:15PM July 11th – August 1st

$100 – to register email

Thursday Community evenings from July 5th – August 9th
Free Evening Event from 6:30 – 8:00pm. (listed below)

August 9th: Art opening with Christen Borgman Yates. Bring a memory of your favorite barn as we celebrate the “Asa Stone barn” near Russell Orchard.

August 2nd: Jon Macadam Art Exhibition and painting demonstration – Bring a memory of your favorite barn as we celebrate the “Asa Stone Barn” she has painted near Russell Orchard


Art Workshop Tuesdays 3:00-4:30pm with Young Artist Emma Brophy

Ages 6 to 10 (flexible, whoever wants to start getting serious with art)
Sign up by the Friday before each class.

Week 1 Tuesday, July 3rd: Introduction to Drawing and Materials
Introduction to drawings with markers, crayons and pencils. We will talk about
what everyone likes, and start drawing. Then we will introduce everyone to
charcoal. Charcoal is a good way to see lights and darks of an image. It is also a
good base layer for paintings, so it is an important tool to know how to use.
1. Try out the charcoal, and make a scale from darkest to lightest.
2. Draw a quick still life.
3. Draw a landscape.
4. Once finished, the pieces will be sprayed so that they do not smudge. For
those who plan on coming to the next class, we will keep their drawings so
that they can use them to learn about color and pastels..
Week 2 Tuesday, July 10th: Color with Pastels
We will be use colors and learn about the color wheel and complementary
colors. We will use the charcoal drawings made last week and go over them
with color pastels.
1. Color Wheel.
2. Try out pastels.
3. Work with pastel over the charcoal.
4. Once finished, the drawings will be sprayed.
Week 3 Tuesday, July 17th: Portraits and Figures
Previous two weeks were a little messy and abstract. In week 3, we will talk
about drawing realistically and how to draw a realistic face, eyes, nose, etc.
Everyone can also draw whatever they want, and I will work with them.
1. How to draw a realistic face and eyes
2. Eyes, mouth and nose
3. Draw
4. When finished, everyone will be asked to draw something that they would like
to paint in water colors and use the pencil very lightly so that it will be
Week 4 Tuesday, July 24th: Watercolors
Watercolors are a lot of fun and a good base layer for learning how to paint.
There are also many different materials that can be used with watercolor to
make cool patterns and designs.
1. We will learn how to use watercolors.
2. Everyone will draw an outline of what they want to paint if they did not do
that the last week.
3. Start Painting!
Week 5 Tuesday, July 31st: Ink Painting (TBD)
Week 6 Tuesday, August 14th: Paper Maché (TBD)
Week 7 Tuesday, August 21st: More Painting (TBD)
Contact information:
Emma Brophy at   (978)290-1230
Link to art portfolio:


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