Chris and I grew up on opposite coasts; he in Boston and I in Seattle. Such different upbringings and yet our love of adventure and Life was a thread we shared. We love following an idea wherever it might lead, exploring an area we have never been to before and learning something new from an expert we chance to meet. We also share the love of teaching and spent many years inviting young minds to catch the excitement and beauty of how much there is to learn. This has made our journey together exciting. Not linear or typical, but fulfilling. Along with our three boys we have found many of our most memorable moments down side roads and rivers we’ve played on – and that is simply why we chose the name Rivers & Roads.

So much is still out there for each of us to discover, enjoy, learn and share. Rivers & Roads exists to help this happen. We invite you to join us in the adventure. Stop in and peruse our artisanal gifts, unique pieces, furniture, and paintings by local artists. If you aren’t from here we will gladly tell you about a side road you just shouldn’t miss. Check out our calendar of classes and workshops for all ages; which will be ever-changing with all the local and not so local talent we find.

Rivers will keep on flowing, we have to take the time to dip our feet in. Roads can be a means to an end, or a way to connect and enjoy the journey.

-Kristin Larson

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