Believing that Good Comes out of Bad- Mushrooms in the Woods

It is just perfect that I didn’t get to write this post this morning right after my walk.  Chris joined the dog and I this morning and we began to find the most adorable mushrooms popping out of the leaves.  Each one was so incredibly different, delicate, and surprising, with an otherworldly presence. You were so glad it was there, but couldn’t quite imagine where it came from, as it was so unusual.

As we continued to walk I began to think about how they are good symbols for how good, and unique things of beauty can come out of hard situations, hard feelings, or hard times.  I mused that the mushrooms would have been incredibly easy to miss if we hadn’t been looking for hidden acorns.  It made me think how perhaps we have to be on the lookout for good things that spring out of bad things.  Things like strength we wouldn’t have built, a perspective we wouldn’t have seen, a friendship we wouldn’t have grown, an appreciation we wouldn’t have been able to feel otherwise. This was a very tidy thought at the beginning of my day. Little did I know I would need to put it to real use by the end of my day.

Starting a new business is hard work, and risky.  We are finding road blocks, and perhaps dead ends, to some of the ideas that we dreamed about for this property.  Only time will tell, but visits to Town Hall can be disheartening even when the people are nice. We drove home from a meeting today heavy hearted.  I was trying to stay buoyant and hope for a miracle as usual, while Chris was immediately processing his disappointment.  Sometime after, I realized I still had this post which I wanted to write- and then it hit me- I had to put my own thoughts to work.  I had to live my belief that good things come out of even the end of a dream.

Something totally unique, and beautiful may be able to be found instead.  And even if the “good” didn’t end up coming out of the hard news with the business, perhaps I would be a better or more helpful, and resourceful person to someone else down the road.  We have to be looking out for the beautiful, unusual things, or we may miss them.

I promise to continue to look, and look with “expectancy”; believing I will find something good eventually..  I can’t look with “expectation”, however; because that would be looking for what only I want to see.

My favorite year-round mushrooms hand turned by Chris:

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