We have a special fondness for finding the uncommon in the common. Life isn’t filled with one big moment after another, but yet it is filled with wisdom, beauty and joy if we will take the time to see it. In this all too busy world we hope these thoughts and pictures will remind you just how special the common can be.

There is just something special about a one of a kind piece that comes from a talented artist. Timelessness, with a touch of unique, is what draws Chris and I to certain people’s work. We feel blessed to have met and partnered with many talented people, and will always have our eye out for more. You can view past custom furniture or peruse the one of a kind art and furniture we have on hand in the store right now. If you would like to talk with us about placing a custom order you can email us through Contact Us, or call us at the store at (978) 768-7622.

Thank you for our First Year at Rivers and Roads

Thank you for our First Year at Rivers and Roads

We have hit the one year mark of moving into this beautiful property to start building our vision. That vision was a place where we have people constantly coming together to share their talents, their passions, their hobbies, and their unique gifts. These things take many different forms: painting, furniture making, guided writing classes, journaling, pottery, miniature world building, lobster trap making and celebrating beautiful books. We have truly enjoyed each and every one of these meetings, gatherings, and celebrations of things that are GOOD.

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Wrong Turn

Sometimes things happen for a reason. The store was closed and I was outside planting some pansies. A van pulled up and I assumed they would be wondering if we were open. The window rolled down and an infectious smile peered out the window. “Are you open?” “Well, I can be if you’d like me… Continue Reading

May Your Year Be Filled With Beauty

Making the most of a New Year- December 31st, 2017 I woke this morning and had the most delicious time to myself while the family slept. It is the last day of 2017 and I had the urge to restore some things around the house that had needed it for a while but have been… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas Eve, Walking in Each Others Shoes

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I had the most beautiful Christmas Eve walk this morning that I would love to share with you. However, I need to back up first to yesterday so you can know just how wonderful it was. Cape Ann woke up yesterday morning to a sheet of pure ice. Freezing rain had… Continue Reading

Holiday Grand Opening Success

Looking back on the weekend it is clear that we could not have asked for more. More people came through our doors than we hoped for. More gifts for the the holiday season were found than expected. More individuals offered encouraging words for what we are doing here than we would have guessed. But even… Continue Reading

Jogs in the Trunks

I was able to take an extra long walk in the woods this morning with the dog. The extra time always allows my mind to settle better and actually start thinking about meaningful things instead of racing through my thoughts. With all the leaves down the trees were so visible, I could see into the… Continue Reading

Believing that Good Comes out of Bad- Mushrooms in the Woods

It is just perfect that I didn’t get to write this post this morning right after my walk.  Chris joined the dog and I this morning and we began to find the most adorable mushrooms popping out of the leaves.  Each one was so incredibly different, delicate, and surprising, with an otherworldly presence. You were… Continue Reading

Notes from 959 BC and a Little Acorn

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13-14 So I went on my usual morning walk with Trapper this morning down at the Cox Reservation Greenbelt in Essex.  A… Continue Reading

The Battenkill River, VT – August 25th 2017

Recently, amidst the chaos of the move and trying to bring so many of the plans we have to life, we decided we absolutely needed to drop it all and spend one last weekend as a family before school started.  We’ve been through a lot and the boys have been champs – we needed a… Continue Reading

What a Home Should Be

I can honestly say I have spent some of my most enjoyable and memorable times at our friends house in Vermont.  It is a gift.  The house – the friendship – the love – the laughter – the food — the coming of age that has happened around that home is priceless.  The fridge is… Continue Reading

When All Your Plans Feel Derailed – September 5th

The journey moving into the house and store has been exhausting but still whispers the promise of long term creative projects and satisfaction- which is what we hope for.  I knew this journey would be one full of change, surprise, hard work and adventure; but you can never truly know what those things will feel… Continue Reading

When Roads Come Back Together – June 25th, 2017

We are in Waterboro, Virginia now, our 6th day on the road. The genteel, rolling, green, deer-in-every-field-at-dusk, and fireflies galore Virginia. We are lucky enough to be staying with my old college roommate,  once my best friend, and a dear sweet soul who still makes me chatter like no one else can. Our paths diverged… Continue Reading

Walking in Somebody’s Footsteps

A couple of days ago we were on the campus of William and Mary in Colonial Williamsburg, and Charlie, my youngest at 8 said. “That is amazing that my shoes are walking in the same place that George Washington walked.” Continue Reading

June 17, 2017

I am about to take the dog for his morning walk at a place called Teller Farm that has literally become a sacred respite to me in the past 5 years.  An old homestead, once worked with no doubt sweat and tears. Saved for the modern people of the Boulder area to enjoy.   Continue Reading

For Starters – June 16, 2017

One husband, three boys, one dog. About to embark down yet another road. In two days we leave Colorado to return to Essex, Massachusetts and start what we hope will be our most fulfilling adventure yet: RIVERS AND ROADS. Chris and I have been down our share of them.  Perhaps it was no accident that… Continue Reading

Walker Creek Furniture continues at Rivers and Roads

I want to let you know about some exciting changes taking place at  Walker Creek Furniture in Essex, Ma.   Robert and Patti Hanlon, the amazing artists and founders of Walker Creek, have retired from store life in order to have more time to just be creative again.  Walker Creek has been such a unique… Continue Reading