Essex Artists Collective

The Essex Artists Collective was established in January 2016. The group was born from a desire to collaborate, learn from one another and inspire each other creatively. We are a group of women with a variety of different art and creative backgrounds who have come together to form an arts collective; a platform from which to explore, learn and share in artistic endeavors.

Some of the things you will find us doing are: Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, making mandalas, creating fragrances, fiber arts, photography, and jewelry making.
We get together as often as possible for workshops, projects, group shows and continue to collectively create.

Group members:
Alison Taylor
Ann Colville Somma
Jade Gedeon
Jen Groeber
Jen Romans
Kristen Wilson
Mallie Pratt
Margaret Sweet
Melissa Glorieux
Naomi Chapman
Natasha Taylor
Rosie Winthrop
Wrenn Bartlett

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