For Starters – June 16, 2017

One husband, three boys, one dog. About to embark down yet another road. In two days we leave Colorado to return to Essex, Massachusetts and start what we hope will be our most fulfilling adventure yet: RIVERS AND ROADS. Chris and I have been down our share of them.  Perhaps it was no accident that Robert Frost’s, “The Road Less Traveled”, appealed to me so much even in my childhood. It is catch your breath scary to take new roads.  It is also the only thing I know of that keeps life alive and meaningful; truly worth living.   Some roads turned out bumpy, even painful, but a few have been breathtaking; have provided those moments that stick in your soul like a life giving polaroid, and make all the days in between worthwhile.  Even the rough ones reveal their purpose, strength and wisdom in time.

It does not escape me that the risk of choosing to travel new roads feels exponentially higher when you feel the weight of not just yours, but three precious developing lives.Yet, the things that will shape them can only be authentic if they are the partakers of who their parents really are.  It takes faith that God made me who I am, Chris who he is, and that He gave the two of us these children with that all in mind. No two children have the same experiences growing up, not even the ones in the same family.  It’s part of what makes this life beautiful.

Sometimes it takes new landscapes, new risks, new horizons to awaken our souls again.  These awakenings may come all at once or over time. A new landscape may appear by just seeing the person you have sat  next to for years in a new light, or meeting a stranger and having their perspective rock yours.  Deep changes may come when you hear the burden lifting exhaling story of someone who has felt just like you, and realize all at once that you aren’t alone.  These horizons may break open when you take a risk to try something new, go to college far away, or take the time to be quiet and really listen to yourself.  You may stay somewhere that has a bed more comfortable than you ever dreamed was possible.  Or you may realize that someone is truly without a bed, or a blanket.

These are all the things I hope our new adventure, RIVERS AND ROADS will continually provide for us, and for people from all walks of life.  An opening, an awakening, a refreshing, and maybe even \ a healing now and then.  “Good Things for the Journey” is our purpose.  Good nurturing food, good things for the home and loved ones, good classes that inspire, opportunities to try new things, learn new things, travel to new places and not the least, serve others.  Things to make us stop and notice, stop and appreciate, stop and contemplate the road or river we are on.  Perhaps “The Road Less Traveled”, should be a choice we make several times a day, not just once in a great blue moon.

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