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Fuck my gay arse

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Fuck my gay arse

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I really like him. Gag first time we where going to have sex he was partying, if you know what I mean, so he wasn't fucking me, just eating me.

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I said I figured it was one.

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He never pushed. He said he felt it would really help me out and that I would notice a huge difference. With that, he had me lay on my side. He said, this is not romantic. I looked down and noticed through his sweat shorts that he had an erection. Does that freak you out? He was totally hard.

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I wanted to have the most amazing orgasm of my life. He could! I told him what was going on with my back and told me to get on the table. I believed him. Hence, my first foray into using the Aneros massage bay, like this one. I wanted to see what a real dick would feel like up against my prostate and I knew if I was going to feel comfortable with anyone doing that for me, it would be him.

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I laid there, breathing deeply, allowing him to gently work his way in. I looked at him and looked at the dildo and without thinking, I said yes.

I told him I was ready and he told me to let it go. It was only about the pleasure of the act. I held on to the sides of gay arse table with every ounce of energy I had in me. He asked me how often I fuck masturbate. We had become pretty good friends and I trusted him. Eventually I could hear him applying lube to his finger and putting lube on my sphincter. I got undressed, put my face in the cradle and let him get to work.

He withdrew from inside me, pulled off his condom and within two to three strokes, came all over the floor, rope after rope until he was spent. I was solely focused on my ass and what I was experiencing down there. Sure enough, he had worked three fingers in and I saw that fck had a dildo on the table next to his side.

I loved what I was experiencing and I wanted to try new things. But, he had told me he was open with his sexuality. Within a few thrusts, I could feel my pelvis starting to vibrate all by itself. I smiled and asked him what he was thinking.

It was painful. I started to scream and shake. It was crazy. He worked on it for a duck 40 min or so and asked me if I wanted to try doing a prostate massage. I could feel his hard head up against my sphincter. One night, I had come home from work and I was in a lot of pain.

He saw me looking at it. He was totally fucking me.

But he might want to take a ride on your dick. We are both experienced adults. I had his word. He picked up the pace a bit with the toy and eventually I opened my eyes.

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Strictly massage therapy. He wrote to tell me he was at a new location.

Once in the fucl as soon as I woke up before I showered, and at the end of the day, usually right before bed. He started to rub it gently at first and slowly worked his way up to a steady rhythm.

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He took out the dildo and asked me how I was feeling. The next time we had sex he wasn't partying but he did the same things again: licking my pussy and ass, playing with my tits, but still: he was not hard.

After a few short strokes, I felt myself wanting to cum. He loved sex. That being said, I wanted to talk to you about something I think you need to try.

Nothing crazy or sexual involved. So, naturally I did. He had gotten notes from the first therapist and saw that mg had recommended prostate massage. When I gave him the go ahead, he picked up the pace and fucked me for the first time. We were the same age. I mean, he was a normal looking guy who took good care of himself.