Holiday Grand Opening Success

Looking back on the weekend it is clear that we could not have asked for more. More people came through our doors than we hoped for. More gifts for the the holiday season were found than expected. More individuals offered encouraging words for what we are doing here than we would have guessed. But even MORE amazing were the artists, and partners and friends (new and old) who joined us in welcoming people to Rivers & Roads with all of this excitement. Their beautiful works, talents, dance instruction, creative craft activities, lovely and festive music, and all around welcoming spirit for the many who entered the doors of Rivers & Roads for the first time, set a tone that truly matches our desire to help others “Journey Well”.

Thanks to this coming together of spirit and effort, Kristin and I were blessed to hear (more than once) from guests that the place exuded a sense of welcoming community. Yeah! That alone makes every effort leading up to the weekend worthwhile. We desire to have a space where people come together and share their talents and interests with others who appreciate experiences, and learning. This is what Kristin and I want to offer to our community and visitors.

Thank you Leslie, Lisa, Holly, Rama, and Diana for your engaging spirit and helpfulness at the front desk. Thank you Leza for your stunning Nutcracker dance and craft experience. Thank you Sandy and Jon for sharing your painting skill, talent and knowledge, and letting others experience your creativity in person. Thank you Kate and Dominic for the beautiful music. Thank you Tim, our favorite “vicar”, for being with us and your spirit of encouragement. Thank you Marnie, our favorite nutritionist,  for for your expertise. Thank you Rand and Tim for your willingness to stand in the raw cold all day and help people find a parking spot. Thank you Eric for the wonderful pictures and all your help leading up to the big day. Thank you Libby and Olivia for all your help with the crafts.

Thanks for journeying with us. We look forward to more.

Chris and Kristin

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