June 17, 2017

I am about to take the dog for his morning walk at a place called Teller Farm that has literally become a sacred respite to me in the past 5 years.  An old homestead, once worked with no doubt sweat and tears. Saved for the modern people of the Boulder area to enjoy.  What vast differences between  the lives of those people that farmed and ranched for a living there, and those that enjoy it now.  That land meant life and food on the table, and no doubt everything.  Perhaps that is why it is such a solace to visit.  Preserved land that we know somewhere down deep inside is life, and yet is eaten up and covered in housing and concrete and strip malls in the name of progress.  It is a respite to go back to that mindset, where the sounds of all the birds, the water running over rocks, the wind in the cottonwoods is all you hear. I truly don’t think my time here in Colorado would have been so special or enjoyable without Teller Farm. It gave me daily time to think, to ponder, to pray and to just let the landscape be bigger and more important than what was going on in my life and head for a little bit. It gave me a place to walk and talk with God.  Something that takes silence, which is why most people feel they can’t hear Him.

When we chose the name RIVERS AND ROADS, I was mostly picturing all the journeys we have taken, all the roads and rivers we all take.  I was thinking of us making each person’s journey that much more enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful by putting the emphasis on the excitement of not knowing what’s around the bend, and being ok when there is a break down or rough water.  That still stands, but this morning I am also remembering that a very special road, or river, that you visit all the time- one that you begin to know so well that you notice when the water is running higher or lower, or you wait for the grasses to change with the season, or you simply notice when a depression in the road is filled or not filled with rainwater.  Visiting the same road or river, on purpose, because it has become sacred is also a very beautiful thing. We must be careful to choose the places that bring us peace and fill our souls.  It makes me sad when I visit and revisit roads that do not bring peace.  But this morning I will celebrate all that this path, and the creek at Teller Farm has been to me.  If you don’t have one of those places.  I highly recommend you look for one now. We all need a place that feels known, where we can be alone with our thoughts and talk to the Creator.


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