Kim Bartlett

The lines of a well turned bowl just seem to draw you in. Knowing that such elegant, and useful pieces, can result from the skilled hands of a local craftsman like Kim amazes us. It makes us proud to offer his work in our shop. We were introduced to Kim in the most wonderful way; a friend hearing of our desire to feature local, talented individuals, thought instantly of Kim and offered to make an introduction. We jumped on the chance and are sure glad we did.

Kim in his own words: Every day… well, almost every day… I go down to my shop, flip on the overhead lights… look at the piles of logs I’ve amassed, and are lying around to be wondered about…  select one that seems particularly beckoning… attach it to my lathe, press the START button, and… Whoa! First, I go to a my “sounds” (How do I feel?  What do I need that day? Some Bill Evans? Some Allan Tousaint? Some Statler Brothers? Some Jack Teagarteden?)… THEN I hit the START button… the chips, the shavings, the sawdust commence to fly about… a shape takes form. A surprise! (Is it right? Maybe a little off here, leave that there!)… grains appear and work their revealing magic… and at the end of the day! VOILA! Maybe it is beautiful! Maybe just satisfying! At the very least it is something I can hold, put down, turn around… feel a bit like God! And then I go home to my dog… and a good drink… knowing I can do the same thing tomorrow… if I want!

If you have ever been present in a talented turner’s shop you will recognize immediately, in Kim’s words, how the chips and sawdust do fly, and how eventually something; some art, some touchable, turn-able object appears. You will be able to sense how satisfying it is to behold that object. Stop by and see his work for yourself. Come see what we mean when we say we are proud to feature local craftspeople and their work.

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