Patty Hanlon

Patti Hanlon is special here at Rivers & Roads as she and her husband were the former owners and proprietors of Walker Creek Furniture. We are lucky enough to have her continue to share her paintings with us, which usually contain something she loves very much; the local landscape in particular.

Patty in her own words: “I’ve always made art in one form or another, but in recent years I’ve worked with discarded materials, making assemblages out of things my husband, Robert Hanlon, brought home from his travels to antique markets: watch faces, broken crystal from chandeliers, clay marbles, and so on—as well as stuff found closer to home: pottery bits washed up on the muddy shores of the Essex River; broken windshield glass on roadsides, paint-streaked sandpaper from the furniture-finishing process, dryer lint, old audiocassette and CD cases, the insides of discarded computers. Arranging this stuff was loads of fun, and also a pretty good metaphor for my life: a sustained attempt—63 years and counting—to wrestle some order out of chaos.

In the past year, I’ve returned to more traditional painting. I’m drawn mostly to the saltmarsh, with its ever-changing seasonal, tidal and weather conditions. Still wrestling!”

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