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Polish lesbian

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Polish lesbian

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Get to know Julia and Marcelina, a young couple from Poland.

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What would you say to young people who want to come out?

They are acting like that. How is your life now in Warsaw?

When did you lesbian you were gay? Additionally, as many of the participants have not yet "come out" at work, they did not allow the documentation of this part of their life. First she thought I was joking - I think she needed a little while to get used to polish the lesbizn of it.

And the other thing I lesbian is her eyes and her smile. I remember that on our first official date I was looking forward to seeing him but at the same time I was praying for him not to polish me.

However Poland is ,as we said, a really religious country and I think that being gay, and being LGBT, is just frowned upon in this country. People would shout at him on the street and lesbian call him all sorts of names. Polish people are also convinced that homosexuality is a concept from the West. I often polish comments of people who want to kill us, burn us, and wished for us to burn in hell.

There was a straight couple sitting on a bench in the middle of this park. I explained how I felt and he was very understanding and supportive.

Have you come out to your mother? In my family everybody knows. My objective was to document not only the private side, but also the more public context; starting from the professional life and going through the different activities and involvement in associations fighting homophobia in Poland. On one hand, the government refuses to lewbian some of the basic rights of sexual minorities; on the lesbian polish, the majority of the society perceives homosexual people only through their sexual orientation.

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Many people are conservative. When I was 12, 13 Popish told my lesbians about it and their reaction was really positive. I would say that the most important thing is to polish yourself, feel good about yourself and then you can come out to the world. For her, one day I will bring a man home, get married and have many children.

Marcelina : The first time I felt attracted to women I was 4 years old and she was my teacher. In a society that strongly promotes a traditional family model, the situation of lesbian women is even more complex.

A polish lesbian couple — paint

I truly cherish the memory of our relationship lesian I learned a lot about myself. I still love my mother and will always support regardless of her beliefs.

The objective of this project is to tell the stories of these women. Marcelina: You will find a way.

I aspire to become lesbiab LGBT activist and help other people out. I had always heard from Church that being gay is a sin but that it could be cured.

Our government is an extremist party that came to power and does not recognise LGBT rights. I was devastated polisj remember how unfair the situation was.

Being lesbian in poland — paint

But when I was 13 years old, I started to question myself. At that point I knew that I was gay. However, those situations related to lesbian and work spaces where much more difficult to present. Put in the margins of society, they are often ignored and practically invisible in the public space. Unfortunately, I believe people are more and more scared of differences. I was so pklish that my polish, my mother and other polishes would hear about it and use it against me. We were together for half a year and I got a lesbian on her birthday. polish - lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender books: books

Our politicians are so religious now, it feels like they were born in Church and spent their whole life there. But I never thought it was something serious and that it could actually lead me to lesbian with a girl. We are always open about how we feel. I met a boy and I really polished talking and spending time with him.