Thank you for our First Year at Rivers and Roads

Thank you for our First Year at Rivers and Roads

We have hit the one year mark of moving into this beautiful property to start building our vision. That vision was a place where we have people constantly coming together to share their talents, their passions, their hobbies, and their unique gifts. These things take many different forms: painting, furniture making, guided writing classes, journaling, pottery, miniature world building, lobster trap making and celebrating beautiful books. We have truly enjoyed each and every one of these meetings, gatherings, and celebrations of things that are GOOD.

I firmly believe you can’t leave from an experience of sharing someone else’s unique gifts, and not be a more complete person. We need each other. We need to stay open. We need to stop and recognize if we have become too rigid or stale. It is the best way to stay living.

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Chris and I have never made it a secret that it is knowing a big, beautiful God that gives us the vision that we have. So much of what is called Christianity at the moment is rigid, and stale, and imperialistic. That has nothing to do with the God we serve, and celebrate – it is the opposite – and as usual it is only man that has messed it up thinking only of himself. We invite you to keep celebrating all the beauty and Goodness in the world as we continue to work on our dream here at Rivers and Roads. Whether you stop by to just enjoy the ambiance, enjoy people’s beautiful artwork while sharing a conversation with Chris and I, whether you try or offer a workshop over the years, we hope that you will just continue to join us in connecting people, staying alive, while learning, and celebrating what we know our Creator to be: GOOD.

This fall we expect to be offering yoga, more writing, and journaling courses, a beekeepers get together space, Italian cooking, fly tying, discussion groups for women, and whatever else all you wonderful people will take the opportunity to offer others. Please consider if you have any ideas, talents, hobbies, books you would like to have a book club for… and take the risk. I believe that everyone that has used the space here would tell you we are not scary, and there is no pressure. It’s all just for good, which we all need more of. I am going to be taking the risk myself at some point of offering a support group for people affected by anxiety – something that seems to be rampant in this world at the moment – something I have been affected by, and believe we are better off joining together in, than keeping it a secret. I will be taking the even bigger risk of offering a bible study – something which has its understandable doubts, and reputations given how things have been going, but something I know is beyond good and life changing when given the chance to be just what it is.

We would NOT have made it through this year – the move, the hard work, the unknown and the inevitable financial worries, if we had not met so many wonderful people that proved our vision can be a reality. Of course we want it to grow, but hugeness is not our greatest goal – our goal is authenticity, and touching individual lives for good. As Chris and I search for jobs in Education where we can use our talents during the year, please know that even if the store front is closed during the week in the coming seasons that our true vision: the workshops, the events and the continuous planning will always be going on. Look us up. Follow us. See what is happening. Share our vision with others. Find out when the store WILL be open for gifts. Know that you CAN email us and order a custom table any time. Remember also we have truly unique and beautiful spaces to rent for your private events. We will hopefully be finding jobs in the next month or so here to help us make sure we support our family, but Rivers and Roads will still be flowing, and we look forward to meeting you again and again.

All our thanks for sharing who you are with us,

Chris and Kristin Larson


P.S. I share what was written for today’s daily devotional that I read from every morning. As I so often find He encourages me right where I am:

From June 19 of the book “Jesus Calling”: Glorifying and enjoying Me is a higher priority than maintaining a tidy, structured life. Give up your striving to keep everything under control – an impossible task and waste of precious energy. My guidance for each of My children is unique. That’s why listening to Me is so vital for your well-being. Let me prepare you for the day that awaits you and point you in the right direction. I am with you continually so don’t be intimidated by fear. Though it stalks you, it cannot harm you, as long as you cling to my hand. Keep your eyes on Me, enjoying Peace in my Presence.

“But let all that take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.”

Psalm 5:11

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