Walking in Somebody’s Footsteps

A couple of days ago we were on the campus of William and Mary in Colonial Williamsburg, and Charlie, my youngest at 8 said. “That is amazing that my shoes are walking in the same place that George Washington walked.”

He went on to muse, “We are always walking in somebody else’s old footsteps. Could be your best friend, somebody famous, you just never know.” I thought that was a really insightful observation. How would we be different, or changed, or inspired if we would see the actual old footprints and know the honor or daily struggle that they exemplified. It is a beautiful way of thinking about the fact that while we are all very different, there is still so much we have in common. We all have to take our days, our lives, our paths one step at a time. What kind of legacy would we like to leave each day if we could leave behind an essence that others could read or feel the next day, or centuries later.


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