When Roads Come Back Together – June 25th, 2017

We are in Waterboro, Virginia now, our 6th day on the road. The genteel, rolling, green, deer-in-every-field-at-dusk, and fireflies galore Virginia. We are lucky enough to be staying with my old college roommate,  once my best friend, and a dear sweet soul who still makes me chatter like no one else can. Our paths diverged after college; we had come from such different roads to begin with- hers the deep, pure bred, old, distinguished South, and mine a mix of gritty Montana wagon train cowboys and Swedish Lutheran immigrant farmers from Minnesota.

Sometimes roads diverge for a very long time and then come back together. Sometimes by chance, sometimes reconciliation, and sometimes by choice. It makes the road even sweeter, as you can’t make up all that past time, but you are happy to be on it together again.  It was amazing for our boys and dogs to meet each other for the first time and enjoy the same easy connection that we did as young girls.  I didn’t tell her, but I think one of the sweetest moments of the whole trip will be the thankfulness I felt as I left to walk my dog and left my youngest in the chicken coop with her.  That, combined with the fact that our husbands and other boys were off enjoying a Washington Nationals game somehow made me feel that no time had been lost.

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