Wrong Turn

Sometimes things happen for a reason. The store was closed and I was outside planting some pansies. A van pulled up and I assumed they would be wondering if we were open. The window rolled down and an infectious smile peered out the window. “Are you open?” “Well, I can be if you’d like me to be”, I replied. There was just no way to say no to her.

Alia and her husband Martin got out of the car and it turned out to be one of those times that you are just so glad you were open to going with plan B. They were visiting from Israel with their two daughters and had taken a wrong turn after visiting Wolf Hollow in Ipswich. It was like meeting old friends. Their excitement about the area and the store and what we are doing here at Rivers & Roads was such a boost to what can be very quiet days in wintry New England.

It was such needed encouragement that this place we have opened in order to meet, and share in other’s lives, actually can do what we hoped. We hope to see Alia and Martin again – both talented artists and artisans. We hope the day will come when they are giving their own workshops here. We will keep in touch in the meantime, but thank them for their “wrong turn” that was surely meant to be. May we all be encouraged to go with the flow and see what can happen.

One Response to Wrong Turn

  1. How wonderful for all of you. There are no coincidences in life only plans about which we know nothing until they are being carried out.